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The Gordon Branding Group combines business, marketing, communication to develop an authentic strategic brand strategy that with differentiate our clients brands from any other startup, midsize/large firms, products or services.

There is a misconception of what a brand is; some seem to think a brand is:

  1. Your logo
  2. Product/Service
  3. Tagline
  4. Colors

These things express your brand but, it doesn’t tell the story of your brand, your promise of experience, customer service or how you plan on creating a consistent expectation to deliver your client’s needs and wants. We at the Gordon Branding Group, like to call it the 5 W’s.

Working with The GBG we creatively craft the message your customer wants to hear and one you can deliver for a lifetime after extensive research and audits. Our team strategy is built on an 8-week timeframe the includes 5 phases:

  1. Discovery Meeting
  2. Present Strategy
  3. Initial Design Concept
  4. Refined Concepts
  5. Brand Guideline Documents

Free Initial Consultation

CALL: 404-566-7497

Thanks so much for helping me with my Brand I can NOT wait to complete all my milestones and travel!

I am so excited to have the pleasure of working with you . You have stirred me in the best ways these passed few weeks I am looking forward to working with you throughout my career. I have faith you will lead me to reach my highest expectations. Thanks so much for helping me with

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